The Beam House

         The Beam House was constructed by Frank Beam.  At the turn of the century, Frank Beam married the daughter of H.H. Greer.  Mr. Greer owned the land on which the Knox County Service Center (formerly Mercy Hospital), the Beam House, and the house formerly owned by James Beam (120 East Chestnut Street) are now located.  H.H. Greer's residence was located where the Knox County Service Center now stands, and there was originally an orchard on the site of the Beam House.

         Construction of the Beam House began in 1900 with the laying of the foundation and cutting of the timber for all the woodwork located in the original structure.  All of the wood for the woodwork came from H.H. Greer's farm in Danville, Ohio.  The woodwork found in the hallway and stairway is white oak.  The original dining room (now a conference room on the north side of the main hallway) is paneled in cherry as is the woodwork in Mr. Grindle's office.  The library is ash.

         The east side addition to the house was completed in 1925.  This addition included the lower east room and the "Landing Room."  Mrs. Trimble's office (lower room) was originally used as an office, and Mr. Railsback's office (landing room) was used as a billiards room.  The wood in the two rooms is gum.  Although it is not visible, the woodwork in the room to the left at the head of the staircase is black walnut.  The woodwork in this room was painted by the Sisters of Nazareth during their occupancy of the premises from 1960 to 1978.

         The house was owned by Frank Beam and his wife until his death in 1940 when ownership passed to members of his family.  In 1960, it was acquired by the Nazareth Literary and Benevolent Institution and was used to house the Sisters who staffed Mercy Hospital.  When the hospitals merged in 1978, the Sisters sold the property to its present owners who use the building for the law offices of Zelkowitz, Barry & Cullers, Ltd.

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