Zelkowitz, Barry & Cullers, Ltd.

Creating individual solutions for our clients' needs since 1953.


Zelkowitz, Barry, & Cullers, Ltd. has been serving clients in and around Knox County, Ohio since 1953, when Charles Zelkowitz and Fred Barry opened the firm at The Woodward, with James Cullers joining them in 1959.  

We are excited to announce that we have relocated back to The Woodward. Built by Ebenezer Woodward in 1851, The Woodward Opera House is located in the heart of Mount Vernon and is the oldest authentic 19th century theatre still standing in America.

        Woodward wanted to combine business with community social life. The Woodward Restoration Project is aiming to do the same thing with community programs including arts, culture, public discourse, and education, as well as, the many businesses that inhabit the building to serve Mount Vernon and the surrounding areas.

         The Woodward’s mission statement is to engage arts and community leadership to authentically restore the Woodward Opera House into a fully functional theater operation, develop the overall Woodward facility into a contemporary self-sustaining arts center for community interaction, become a catalyst for excellence in education, encourage civic engagement, and enrich the quality of life in the Mount Vernon, Knox County, Ohio area.

ZBC is excited to continue business with our clients as we simultaneously go back to our strong roots and take bold steps towards a bright future. 

We love our history.

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